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Barberry Imports UK | UK Import Volumes In 2019

Some types of
barberry plants have razor blades along their branches or even at the
margins of their leaves, and the blades on the stem can be found 3-30
millimeters long. The leaves are 1 to 10 cm long. The flowers of the
barberry are yellowish or orange and have 3-6 mm diameter with six
petals and six pancakes. The fruits are red about 1 cm long and they are
used in a variety of foods. Some of the specimens that are planted
today are the result of two strains between the species of these plants
and their breeding. Names of ornamental varieties of this plant are
Japanese barberry, Thunberg’s barberry, Red barberry and Barberry,
commonly known as European barberry or Barberry.

Barberry is a red and tart fruit that has been used for over 2500 years due to its medicinal properties.
fruit is a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin B, thiamine, carotenoids,
including beta carotene, lectin and zoxanthin, as well as chromium,
cobalt and zinc Barberry 
is useful for the prevention and treatment of diabetes, research has
shown that Barberry works better than metformin to control diabetes.

Studies have also shown that barberry can improve insulin sensitivity.


Considering the noticeable properties of barberry, many suppliers and exporters are dramatically engaged in trading that. One of the main barberry destinations is UK so that many merchants have recently extended barberry imports UK.

Barberry Imports Uk | Uk Import Volumes In 2019

Are All the Barberries Sour?

Although the ingredient may sound exotic, several varieties of barberry
shrubs grow throughout North and South America, Asia and Africa. Berberis vulgaris, which
produces the most recognized red, sour berries, comes from Europe,
where it grows wild. It was originally used for its citrusy tart flavor,
but began to fall out of favor as lemons became more available.
However, in Iran, barberries are still an essential to the cuisine,
including special wedding dishes where the berry serves as a symbolic
reminder that life isn’t always sweet. Otherwise, their sharp flavor is
commonly paired with meats or infused into rice and pilaf dishes, though occasionally barberries make their way into sweet jams and desserts.

Barberry Imports Uk | Uk Import Volumes In 2019

Dried barberry Recipes vs Fresh

Dried barberry recipes are really simple. For the drying of barberry, which is in fact the method of preserving barberry for a long time and putting it on the market, the barberry is put up after picking from the tree and hang in special warehouses that are completely dark and flow at the same time. .
In this way, barberry is not exposed to light that does not darken its color and it becomes dry and free of mildew and mildew.
The process of drying barberry is a long process and lasts for several months. After that, the barberry branches are laid in Mitchell to barberry and then cleaned with special devices.
In this way, reddish red curds are produced and made available to us.
The same way to make dandruff bristles
In fact, we can make shoots of barberry in the basement or storage, but the air is sure to flow.

Barberry Imports Uk | Uk Import Volumes In 2019

What Does Dried Barberry Taste?

As known, the barberries are typically sour. Indeed its unique taste cause this popularity over the world. In case of comparing the fresh and dried barberries, it can be found that fresh barberry is a bit sourer than fresh one. It means that dried barberry is a bit sweeter than fresh barberry.

Barberry Imports Uk | Uk Import Volumes In 2019

High Quality Barberry Imports UK

Among the existing barberries over the world, Iranian barberry is notably better and more popular, because of its quality and taste. Similar to other countries, barberry UK is mostly supplied from Iran. Indeed, all kinds of Iranian dried fruits, nuts, spices and etc are popular among people. Supplying Iranian products is not a complex process, for example, Persian spices online are easily available on the markets.

Nowadays, it is easy to find the barberry suppliers and exporters via Internet. There are also several online markets and websites that provide this opportunity for customers to buy barberries.

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