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Ber Fruit In English| United kingdom ber fruit import details

Ber Fruit In English or Jujube are also known as Chinese dates. They are round or oblong and range from the size of a cherry to a plum. They have bright red-brown skin with white flesh and pithy. The apple-prune flavor of the fruit varies from mild to acid, depending on the variety, and is most often dried. Use fruits like dates or raisins or add them to baked goods such as cakes and cookies. It is available from June to December in California and throughout the year in Asia.

Ber Fruit In English| United kingdom ber fruit import details

Jujube Imports & Exports in UK

Jujube Imports & Exports in UKCandied dried fruits are not only consumed therapeutically, but
sometimes also as a snack or together with tea. Finally, they are
offered reds or blacks, the latter being smoked to improve their taste.
In China, sweet tea syrup with jujube fruits is found in jars. You can
also get canned tea or jujube in the form of teabags. Jujube juice and
Jujube vinegar, however, are not widely available.

Jujube is a very good and useful fruit for trading in the world. jujube fruit is exported and imported every year in UK.

cheapest wholesale prices of dried ber fruit

cheapest wholesale prices of dried ber fruitWe invite any importer to wholesale the red date high quality, fresh, nutritious, cheap and organic / Chinese hetian date / june chinese / hui zao Chinese / Chinese red date in stock at a discounted price of our part. It is excellent recipes, low calorie and cheap. And as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various fruits, we are equipped with a productive factory at your service. In addition, a wide variety of juices is also available in bulk, which is very beneficial for your health.

What is ber fruit called in English?

What is ber fruit called in English?Ber is widely distributed in tropical and warm tropical regions of South Asia and Africa. Its land is saturated in the arid to semi-arid zones of all the Sahel countries of West Africa and Eastern and Southern Africa (from Sudan to Kenya, via Mozambique and Angola). A study conducted in Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger and Senegal revealed that this species is one of the ten species most appreciated by farmers. However, the small size of the local cultivar fruit and its sensitivity to attacks from isolated sites limit its cultivation. The main product is fruit pulp, eaten fresh or dried, and processed into juice. In addition, the leaves are used as fodder and the leaves, roots and bark are used for medicinal purposes. The wood is used for handles, cooking utensils, firewood and charcoal. More and more, it is planted with other species of trees and shrubs as quick hedges to protect

Which fruit is known as chinese apple?

Which fruit is known as chinese apple?They are eventually offered red or black (called respectively hong zao or hei zao in Chinese), the latter being smoked to enhan their taste. In China, one can also find a sweet tea syrup containing jujube fruits in glass jars. However, jujube tea and jujube vinegar are not easily accessible.

In China, a wine produced from jujubes known as hong zao jiu can also be produced. The jujubes are sometimes maintained by storing them in a jar filled with baijiu (Chinese liquor), which allows them to be kept fresh for a long time, especially from the winter. These kinds of jujubes are known as jiu zao.

In Asia, Chinese jujube is renowned for strengthening its abilities, eliminating obstruction to energy flow, Qi and improving its longevity.

The ber fruit benefits have been recognized for years. Jujube fruit has been used as an herbal medicine for hundreds of years in China and other Asian countries. Because this fruit is extremely healthy and contains many minerals and vitamins, it will contribute to the development and maintenance of blood circulation, body hormones, bone fragments, muscles, skin, hair, body enzymes and neurotransmitters. Listed below are some of the well known health

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