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Chinese Date|Jujube Fruit or Chinese Date Sell and Buy in China

chinese date It is a shrub and is native to the tropical region , with its green , pale , green leafy leaves spreading through the winter . Olive-shaped fruit ziziphus jujuba which has a lot of medicinal properties , is initially green and after it reaches red , it is wrinkled . Jujube are called "chinese date" . Sirjan is the pole of production Jujube country of Iran . In the United Kingdom Jujube to be dried or in the form of flavored candies with evening meals . In Korea , China and Taiwan , they use sweet fruit juice Jujube In some areas of Jujube used to make vinegar and make it in Africa . Jujube canned and flavored tea Jujube Also used in the world , but in Iran , Pakistan and India , Jujube are used more in dried form . 

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