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Chinese Date|Jujube Fruit or Chinese Date Sell and Buy in China

chinese date It is a shrub and is native to the tropical region , with its green , pale , green leafy leaves spreading through the winter . Olive-shaped fruit ziziphus jujuba which has a lot of medicinal properties , is initially green and after it reaches red , it is wrinkled .

Jujube are called “chinese date” . Sirjan is the pole of production Jujube country of Iran .

In the United Kingdom Jujube to be dried or in the form of flavored candies with evening meals . In Korea , China and Taiwan , they use sweet fruit juice Jujube In some areas of Jujube used to make vinegar and make it in Africa . Jujube canned and flavored tea Jujube Also used in the world , but in Iran , Pakistan and India , Jujube are used more in dried form .

Chinese Date|Jujube Fruit ot Chinese Date Sell and Buy in China

Are Chinese red dates good for you?

Are Chinese red dates good for you?Chinese red dates Relaxing and anti-malocclusion . It is used in traditional Chinese medicine and butter as a medicine that reduces anxiety and strengthens the stomach and spleen and digestive system . Chinese red dates Fruit purifies the blood and removes toxins from the body , makes skin clear and helps prevent heart problems .

The Chinese red dates Chinese red dates is hemorrhoid and laxative and has a lot of glazes and makes the breasts soft . The use of Chinese red dates  Jujubein wounds and cuts accelerates their recovery Chinese red dates also prevents teeth from rotting . Tea chinese date has an anti-cancerous saponin substance . This tea repairs damaged tissues and strengthens the muscles . It is used to relieve sore throat and its extract to treat it. Keep in mind that Chinese red dates leads to an increase in vitamin K in the blood and rises blood . Therefore , those who have high blood concentrations should avoid taking Chinese red dates .

Jujube Benefits for Body Care

Jujube Benefits for Body CareIn the case of jujube benefits it can be said that the Chinese red dates Fruit is a good source of vitamin C and contains significant amounts of minerals . It also contains proteins , carbohydrates , and minerals of calcium , phosphorus , iron , carotene , thiamine , riboflavin, niacin and flora . It also contains pectin ( as calcium pectate ) as an effective fiber for reducing fat and blood glucose . The total fat content of the Chinese red dates fruit is very low . It is very useful for health . If you are thinking of your health , be sure to place a fruit Chinese red dates in your diet because it prevents many diseases .

Jujube Vs Date: Price and Sells

Jujube Vs Date: Price and SellsDue to the widespread cultivation Jujube , the main habitat of this tree is not well known, but it is thought that its natural origin should be in South Asia between Lebanon , northern India , the Korean Peninsula , and the south and center of China . Iran has a rank The third is global in terms of cultivation and production Jujube The area under cultivation Jujube in Iran is about 3,000 hectares , more than 95% of which is about 2850 hectares in southern Khorasan and 4,200 tons of crop Jujube .

You can jujube Dried and  jujube Packaged from all grocery stores in person and online .

Chinese Date Exporters China

Chinese Date Exporters ChinaConsidering the many properties Chinese Date all the people of the world use it . Iran  and china are one of the exporters Chinese Date all over the world . From the producing cities of Jujube South Khorasan .

The price per kilo Chinese Date ranges from about twenty thousand tomans to thirty thousand tomans .

jujube vs datesThe price is much cheaper . In traditional medicine , Chinese Date is much used because treating many diseases and diseases with Chinese Date is treated .

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