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Dates Fruit Tree | What Are them & Their Price

What do you know about Dates Fruit Tree?Are dates good for health? How many dates are there? These are important questions to ask about dates. Dates are one of the best and most important human food used in all countries. The best dates are produced in Iran and exported to other countries. So if you want to buy quality dates, be sure to buy dates in the south of Iran. Read this article to the end to know important things about dates and its history.

Dates Fruit Tree | What Are them & Their Price

Where do dates fruit come from?

Where do dates fruit come from?Date is one of the oldest trees planted by humans. Archaeologists have understood the discovery of dates five thousand years ago. The per capita consumption of dates in Iran is seven kilograms, which is an average of twenty-five kilograms per capita in the southern provinces and two kilograms in the other provinces. Among the European countries, Spain has a long history of date planting. Since ancient times dates have existed in the human diet. 

The origin of Dates Fruit Tree is unclear. Some scientists consider the origin of dates in Asia and the Persian Gulf and others as the origin of dates in North Africa or the Indian subcontinent. At present, dates are planted in five countries. 

What are dates before they are dried?

What are dates before they are dried?By drying the dates in traditional and industrial ways, they reduce the amount of water in the dates to make it more sustainable. Dried dates increase the sugar concentration partially, so consuming a certain amount of dry dates brings about twice as much energy as fresh dates. 

how to eat dates? Hygienically, it is essential to wash dates like any other fruit before drying. There are all kinds of microorganisms and contaminants in dates. Due to the dust phenomenon that has caused many problems in the western and southwestern parts of the country in recent years, it is imperative to wash dates before consumption. 

Some dates are suitable for fresh food and some for export, while others are used for industrial purposes (production of date syrup, vinegar, alcohol, liquid sugar, etc.) and animal feed. 

Which country has the best dates?

Which country has the best dates?The date range is predominantly in the northern hemisphere and in the countries of Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries of the Persian Gulf as well as most of North Africa and the United States and is also sporadic in the southern hemisphere. 

Location of production and distribution of dates in Iran in southern provinces: Fars, Khuzestan, Bushehr, Hormozgan and Kerman are scattered. In Khuzestan province date palms (Barhi, Gantar and other or Sa’maran) in Bushehr province are more popular in Kabkab dates and in Hormozgan province Haji Abad province Pyarom dates are more famous dates. 

 types of dates:

  • Barai: Also called yellow dates, this indigenous variety belongs to Iraq. They are softer and have thicker meat. 
  • dayri: These dates are long, slim and black. 
  • Hallawi: These are super sweet and small. 
  • Degletonor: One of the best varieties of Tunisia and Algeria. Semi-dry and not too sweet, these dates are commonly used in cooking. 
  • Hayani: In Egypt, these dates are soft red to black and red. 
  • Migraf: Popular in southern Yemen, these are big, golden dates. 
  • Etima: These are native to Algeria, and are very sweet and large and rectangular. 

What are the benefits of eating dates?

What are the benefits of eating dates?What are the dates fruit benefits? Benefits of using dates for health can include constipation, bowel disorders, heart problems, anemia, sexual disorders, diarrhea, gastrointestinal cancer and many other physical problems. It is also one of the beneficial properties of dates that it is also useful for weight gain. It is rich in a variety of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. This delicious fruit contains oil, calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, and magnesium, all of which are beneficial to the health of the body. According to some health experts, eating a date is very important for a healthy and healthy diet. 

Healthy dates have made it one of the best nutrients for muscle growth. Dates are used in a variety of ways, including combining date noodles with milk, yogurt, bread or butter, which can enhance its delectable taste. Date puree is useful for both children and adults, especially for those who are recovering from illness or injury. 

Nutritional value of dates: 

Dates are a good source of vitamins and minerals. It is also known as a good source of energy, sugar, and fiber. Essential minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc can also be supplied with dates. In addition, dates contain vitamins such as thiamine, niacin, folic acid, vitamin A and vitamin K. 

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